Archive: 2014

  1. Campaign to Fund Vacation for the Critically Ill

    In honor of its founder and director, Caleb Walker, A Week Away will hold the grand finale of the Light the Tree Campaign at the Federal Taphouse on Saturday, December 20, 2014.

    Caleb Walker died of brain and spinal cancer on December 3, 2014, just days after launching the Light…

  2. Survivor of Family Killing Forgives Murderer on Death Row

    Indiana County man, Larry “R.J.” Bobish Jr., said he forgives the man who fatally shot his mother, father, and pregnant sister 12 years ago.

    During a drug dispute in 2012, Mark Duane Edwards Jr. shot Bobish’s father twice, shot Bobish through the hand into his head, stabbed Bobish five times,…

  3. Conrad Speaks to National Coalition of Motorcyclists

    On November 8, 2014, Jeff Conrad spoke to over 200 motorcyclists at the National Coalition of Motorcyclists Region VII Seminar. Conrad discussed biker safety, the right to search and seizure, and color bans in restaurants and bars.

    The conference included motorcyclists from Delaware, Washington DC, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West…

  4. Conrad Defends DA’s Decision Not to Investigate Sheetz Porn Scandal

    Friday, October 17, 2014, Attorney Jeff Conrad wrote a letter to the editor stating that District Attorney Craig Stedman would be wasting tax payer dollars if he investigated the Richard Sheetz porn scandal.

    “The impropriety, if it occurred, occurred in the Attorney General’s Office and it was investigated by the…

  5. Central PA COC Toy Ride Raises $50,000

    On Saturday, October 11, 2014, hundreds of motorcyclists road to Penn State Hershey’s Children Hospital to deliver a $50,000 check.

    The Central Pennsylvania Confederation of Clubs raised the money and organized bikers from twenty-five different motorcycle clubs, including its Chief Counsel Jeff Conrad, as part of COC’s 19th Annual Toy…

  6. Movie for Morris

    Come tailgate with supporters of Curt Morris on Thursday, October 23, 2014. A showing of Invincible will benefit Morris, who was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s at age 46.

    Doors open at 5:30 p.m. Dinner, catered by Pork & Wally’s Eatery and Colebrook Bakery, will be served at 6:00 p.m….

  7. Central PA COC Toy Ride

    Saturday, October 11, 2014, the Central Pennsylvania Confederation of Clubs will host its 19th Annual Toy Ride. The COC hopes to exceed previous years and raise at least $50,000 to benefit child patients.

    Attorney Jeff Conrad of Clymer Musser & Conrad and many other motorcyclists will ride from Lancaster to…