Archive: 2018

  1. Digital Photography & Copyright Infringement

    How to protect your digital property from copyright infringement

    Did you know that taking an image from the internet and using it without approval is considered copyright infringement?

    Copyright infringements occur over and over every day. Downloading a product image for your ecommerce website, your business website, or even for…

  2. Medical Marijuana and Firearm Possession

    I Have a Medical Marijuana Card: Can I Still Possess a Gun in PA?

    As you may have heard, medical marijuana is now legal in Pennsylvania for those who have been issued a valid Medical Marijuana Card and have received a certification from a physician. The next question some firearm…

  3. Transfers of Real Estate on Death

    One of the frequent questions that we receive here at Clymer, Musser & Sarno, P.C. concerns the transfer of Real Estate after the death of a parent. See how the law treats distributing property after death in PA – with or without a will.