Practice Areas

Clymer, Musser & Sarno, P.C. is a Full-Service Law Firm Serving All of Your Legal Needs

While we are perhaps best known for our work in constitutional law, criminal law and business transactional law, we also offer a full range of state and federal civil legal services from law offices in Lancaster and Quarryville, including the following:

1. Real Estate

Our firm handles residential & commercial real estate transactions and disputes and has more than sixty years of combined experience with real estate matters.

Real Estate

2. Business Law

Our firm provides comprehensive counsel to businesses & non-profits and handles transactional matters & business disputes.

Business Law

3. Estate Planning & Administration

Our firm provides advice regarding wills and trusts and has been drafting wills and probating estates for decades in Lancaster County.

Estate Planning & Administration

4. Litigation

Our litigation team has broad experience in state and federal courts in Pennsylvania and in other states’ federal courts. We are not afraid to try cases and enjoy presenting our clients’ claims in courtrooms.


5. Criminal Defense

Our criminal defense team understands that good people find themselves thrust into the criminal justice system. We intelligently and strategically pursue your defense and work to keep you free.

Criminal Defense