Crime Victims

Were You the Victim of a Crime?


Most Americans are victims of some type of crime at some point in their life.

Crime victims and their families may need help getting back into the rhythm of life after being subject to a traumatic, criminal event.

The criminal courts can provide some measure of justice; however, there may also be a remedy in civil court for those who have experienced loss from a crime.

Criminal vs. Civil Justice


Criminal litigation cases can involve drug crimes, wrongful search and seizure, or other cases in which the state accuses a defendant of breaking the law and asks the court to determine some form of punishment including jail, probation, or a fine. The standard of proof that specifies guilt must be beyond a reasonable doubt since the punishment for criminal cases is more severe.

You may have a strong case to pursue a civil claim, regardless of the outcome of any criminal case. Civil claims don’t involve the high standard of proof required in criminal litigation. These cases can give you accountability, help you secure compensation, and gain closure.

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Our litigation attorneys in Lancaster have helped victims of a crime in civil court find compensation for the terrible tragedy they endured.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a drunk driving accident, a shooting, robbery, assault, or any other crime, please contact our attorneys to discuss the options available in civil court to make you whole.

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