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Local media outlets — including newspapers, blogs, and television — turn to the attorneys at Clymer Conrad PC to provide their expert advice on news stories and changes to the law. Our team has been interviewed in local, regional, and national outlets for both our cases and our take on current issues.

Here are some of the recent interviews our lawyers have given to media organizations:

Attorney Bodene on Gun Rights & Firearm Laws (November 2017)
Attorney Josh Bodene was recently interviewed in the Central Penn Business Journal about his specialty in gun rights in Pennsylvania. Download the Article »
Lancaster County Juvenile Resentencing Hearing (November 2017)
During Michael Bourgeois’ resentencing hearing, attorney Jeff Conrad presented several testimonies describing his life change and conversion to Christianity.
Read the Article »
Josh Bodene on PA Firearm Laws (October 2017)
Attorney Josh Bodene was recently interviewed by CBS 21 to talk about the state of firearm laws in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
Watch the Interview »
Rick Hecker on Finding a Small Business Lawyer (May 2017)
It can be challenging to find the right lawyer for your growing small business. Attorney Rick Hecker contributed his advice to a recent article.
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Jeff Conrad on Lancaster County Courts (May 2017)
Lancaster’s county court system is reducing the number of cases in the backlog, which is shrinking lead and prep time for lawyers like Jeff Conrad.
Read the article »
Conrad Endorsed for Local Judge (February 2017)
Learn why attorney Jeff Conrad has been endorsed by the Lancaster County Republicans for an available seat in the Court of Common Pleas.
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Quarryville Man Becomes Advocate (December 2016)
After a tragic accident in 2015, a Quarryville man is supported by attorney Jeff Conrad to become an advocate against texting and driving.
Read the article »
Mennonite Missionary Pleads Guilty in Buffalo (November 2016)
Attorney Jeff Conrad defended a Mennonite missionary to Nicaragua in Federal Court in Buffalo, NY. Hear what Jeff had to say about his client. Read the article »
State vs. Federal Marijuana Rights (November 2016)
Jeff Conrad was featured in an article on the tension between state and federal regulations on medical marijuana and how it relates to gun rights. Read the article »
Local SPCA Head Saves 16 Puppies (October 2016)
Attorney Jeff Conrad spoke to a local Lancaster reporter on how his client saved the lives of 16 puppies who were orphaned and abandoned in West Virginia. Read the article »
Mennonite Missionary Arranged in Buffalo(October 2016)
Read attorney Jeff Conrad’s comments about a Mennonite pastor who is arranged after returning to the United States from serving as a missionary in Nicaragua. Read the article »
Hope Remains for Lancaster Hero Boggs (August 2016)
Jeff Conrad spoke with a Lancaster newspaper reporter on the hope he has for Lancaster hero Temar Boggs, who was recently sentenced to 40 months in prison.Read the article »
Marijuana Safe Harbor Letter in Pennsylvania (July 2016)
Attorney Jeff Conrad spoke on the potential legal implications of PA’s new marijuana laws, and warns that parents could face federal possession charges — even with a Safe Harbor Letter. Watch the interview »
Police Body Cameras Coming to York (March 2016)
Jeff Conrad provided his thoughts on the legal implications of cops wearing body cameras in York County, PA.
Watch the interview »
Impact of Release Time Bible Education (December 2015)
Watch this interview with Jeff Conrad to learn about the importance of Bible2School, a public school elective program in Lancaster County, PA. Watch the interview »

Do You Need To Register Your Gun in PA? (October 2015)
Attorney Josh Bodene wrote an article on registering firearms in Pennsylvania for Concealed Carry Magazine.
Read the Article »

What are your Rights During a Traffic Stop (July 2015)
WGAL News 8 interviewed attorney Jeff Conrad on the legal rights individuals have during a traffic stop.
Watch the interview »
Analysis on Kidnapping and Murder Case in York County (August 2013)
WGAL legal analyst Jeff Conrad gave his perspective on a suspected kidnapping and murder case in August 2013.
Watch the interview »
Reaction to Judge Forgiving Her Own Traffic Tickets (June 2013)
Jeff Conrad was featured in an article for WGAL on how Judge Kelly Ballentine forgave her own traffic tickets.
Read the article »
Interview on Jerry Sandusky Appeal (January 2013)
Attorney Jeff Conrad gave his thoughts on Jerry Sandusky’s appeal in January 2013.
Watch the interview »
Amish Mafia: Is it Real or Fake? (December 2012)
A local newspaper invited attorney Jeff Conrad to explain the disconnect between the TV show ‘Amish Mafia’ and the reality of working with Amish in Lancaster County. Read the article »
Interview on Jerry Sandusky Sentencing (October 2012)
Attorney Jeff Conrad appeared on WGAL News 8 to provide his thoughts on the Jerry Sandusky sentencing in October 2012.
Watch the interview »
Penn State Accused of Delaying Lawsuit Settlements (September 2012)
WGAL News 8 asked attorney Jeff Conrad to comment on the accusation that Penn State is delaying settling with the victims of Jerry Sandusky. Watch the interview »
Sandusky Charity Assets Hearing (August 2012)
As WGAL News 8 legal analyst, attorney Jeff Conrad spoke to the potential lawsuits dealing with the assets of Jerry Sandusky’s Second Mile charity. Watch the interview »
Facebook Information Required for Job Application (March 2012)
Clymer Conrad attorney Jeff Conrad spoke to WGAL about the new and controversial employee screening tactic: asking for a job candidate’s Facebook account information. Read the article »

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Our team of attorneys are available for media interviews on breaking news and legal opinions. We specialize in Pennsylvania law and news, religious liberties and laws, and criminal defense.

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