An arrest for driving under the influence can have a significant and immediate impact on your life, as well as long lasting effects.

In Pennsylvania, a DUI requires a mandatory prison sentence and license suspension. Failing to mount an effective defense from the start of your case can leave you in a position where you are vulnerable to elevated penalties.

Even if you don’t end up hiring a DUI attorney, having a legal consultation can help you figure out your options.

Here are a few reasons why you should talk to a Pennsylvania DUI attorney:

Technical Defense Regarding the Arrest

Police need probable cause to pull you over. If you are pulled over and the police do not have probable cause, all evidence gathered at that stop can be suppressed.

Blood and breathalyzer tests are not flawless Many things can go wrong during the testing process or the processing of evidence that can result in an incorrect BAC number. We request records from the police to verify that the breathalyzer was correctly calibrated. This small request has resulted in the discovery of many incorrectly calibrated devices.

Consulting With an Expert

Standardized Field Sobriety Tests Experts. These experts can use your performance roadside test to support the possibility that you were not under the influence at the time of your arrest. An expert can testify that you were neither physically nor mentally impaired at the time of your arrest, which will cast doubt on the prosecution’s case. Pennsylvania police officers do not conduct, explain, and/or grade Standardized Field Sobriety Tests properly, and failure in any of these areas could mean the test is invalid and cannot be used against you or at the very least, strengthen your defense.

Accident Reconstruction Experts. If your DUI involved an accident, injury, or death, an expert accident reconstructionist can offer a differing opinion on what happened leading up to and during an accident, and show evidence that may prove that an accident was not your fault or was unavoidable. This can be especially helpful in DUI Accident, Aggravated Assault by DUI, or DUI Homicide cases where the fault of the accident may be the difference between reasonable doubt and no reasonable doubt.

Avoid Prison Time and Shorten License Suspension

We Know the Law. At Clymer, Musser & Sarno, P.C., our lawyers know the law and the full range of possible defenses. We are capable of challenging the evidence in your case or negotiating for the best possible outcome like ARD or even House Arrest in lieu of the mandatory jail time. Our goal is to avoid jail and loss of license whenever possible, through motions to dismiss or by taking your case to trial.

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