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Facing criminal charges can be one of the scariest challenges that anyone can go through. The potential for prison, excessive fines, loss of driver’s license, loss of employment, and the stigma surrounding criminal charges call for you to take the strongest defense possible.

If you have been charged with a crime, do not hesitate to take the steps to ensure that your rights are protected. Turn to the experienced Lancaster criminal defense attorneys of Clymer, Musser & Sarno, P.C.

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Being charged with a crime is a very scary thing. Hear from attorney Chris Sarno as he explains his years' of experience and how he can help your case.

Our Approach to Criminal Defense

If you have been charged with a crime, do not hesitate to seek legal representation with the knowledge and skills to provide the best defense possible in your case.

Christopher Sarno was a former prosecutor in the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office. His knowledge of how a case is prosecuted, and the best way to defend against it, will be essential to your case. Mr. Sarno’s extensive trial experience, will also help with getting the best possible deal. Knowing the weaknesses of a case, based on the likelihood of trial success, lays a foundation for an effective and successful negotiation.

At Clymer, Musser & Sarno, P.C., we use our knowledge and experience to your advantage. We know how the prosecution will most likely try the case. We use that knowledge to guide our investigators and forensic experts and prepare relevant witnesses to put together the strongest defense possible.

“Christopher Sarno from this law firm investigates before trial to give the best outcome. It’s hard to find an HONEST lawyer like Christopher Sarno.”

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