After three and a half years of litigation, Adult World acknowledged that The King’s Men have a right to picket on public property.

Counsel for Adult World proposed a settlement offer minutes before jury selection in the Philadelphia federal courthouse on Monday, January 12, 2015.

“The settlement is a victory for us,” said Jeff Conrad, counsel for The King’s Men. “This is exactly what we would get if we won the day.”

The settlement included dismissal of the action, which was originally filed in September of 2011, and acknowledgement that The King’s Men could continue to express their ideas.

“It’s encouraging that as a result of the outcome of this case, our First Amendment freedoms continue to be respected,” said Randall Wenger, chief counsel for the Independence Law Center.

“We’re grateful to God that these good Christian men and the organization they serve can continue to be a light to those who are caught in the trap of pornography.”

The King’s Men, seven men who had participated in its activities, and one woman who was incorrectly named in the lawsuit were represented by Jeff Conrad and Emily Bell of Clymer Musser & Conrad and Randall Wenger of Independence Law Center.

The King’s Men is a Catholic men’s group whose goal is to serve their families and communities by leading, protecting, and providing. The King’s Men seeks to eradicate pornography because they believe it degrades women and harms families.

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