A Mount Joy teen was acquitted June 27, 2014, of felony arson charges.

The 17-year-old high school senior was accused of throwing a Molotov cocktail at a Mount Joy home in January. He was charged with felony counts of arson, risking catastrophe, and conspiracy.

Lancaster County Judge David Workman adjudicated him not delinquent after a two-day non-jury trial.

Defense Attorney Jeff Conrad said the credibility of the Commonwealth’s three eye-witnesses “was completely undermined and their stories did not hold water.”

The teen’s mother further testified that he was at home at the time of the incident.

“It was a wonderful victory for [him]. He is a good kid that is going to go on and do big things,” Conrad said of the acquittal.

The teen was a star athlete being scouted by several colleges. Conrad said a conviction could have ruined his college prospects.

The cocktail did not explode and caused no injuries. It was found in the grass at the home.

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