In May, Clymer Musser & Conrad, P.C.’s Jeff Conrad traveled to Texas to attend the National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM) 29th Annual Convention. The yearly NCOM convention brings motorcycle clubs from around the country together to work toward causes that are common to all motorcyclists.

The right to ride free, the right to ride with or without a helmet, the right to ride with custom motorcycle modifications, the right to safe highways, and the right to equal respect on the highway are just a few of the many causes that NCOM and its member clubs fight to protect.

Motorcyclists experience an exhilarating freedom when they take to the open road on a bike that is unique and exclusive to them.  The brotherhood among motorcyclists that forms on the highway is legendary, nostalgic, and practical.

Protecting freedoms is important to Clymer Musser & Conrad, P.C. Exercising those freedoms on the steel back of a great American motorcycle is downright thrilling.



Jeff Bike_upright