Former Pittsburgh Police Chief Nathan Harper received an 18-month prison sentence on February 25, 2014. Harper pleaded guilty in October for charges related to theft of official Pittsburgh police funds.

Theft was not the only controversy during Harper’s tenor as police chief. In May 2010 Clymer Musser & Conrad’s client, Jarret Fate, was assaulted by then Detective Bradly Walker.

During a federal civil rights trial last March, Attorney Josh Autry asked Harper if choking was Walker’s MO.

“It appears to be,” Harper responded.

Harper’s failure to end Walker’s habitual, excessive force resulted in the assault of Jarret Fate. The case, as told below, is slated to be heard by the Third Circuit in March.

On May 1, 2010, Fate was driving his 1975 Porsche on Pittsburgh’s Parkway East. Fate watched the colors of spring blow in the wind as he drove.

Bam. He hit a car.

The minor sideswipe unfortunately happened with the short-tempered Detective Bradley Walker. Fate looked for his insurance information, shocked his bright morning was injured by this accident.

Cursing filled the air. A hand reached through Fate’s open window and grabbed his neck.

“You messed with the wrong person,” Walker howled. Dark colors clouded Fate’s mind. He searched for the serenity of spring colors.

“I am going to die,” Fate thought, “I want my last moment to be happy.”

Escape. Fate held the clutch and the break—first gear. Air. Fate sucked for breath. Avoiding eye contact, he frantically turned the wheel. Gas. Fate gunned it to get as far away as possible.

Walker’s dark car flashed past Fate and blocked him in. Trapped, Walker’s massive figure rushed towards Fate.

Walker’s colossal muscles powered a fist into Fate’s half-opened window. Shards of glass ripped into Fate’s face. Blood blinded his eyes. The same bare fist smashed the windshield. Splitting cracks raced from the point of contact, clothing Fate in a fine layer of glass.

Goliath hands grabbed Fate’s neck and pulled. Fate desperately held onto the shield of his car. He could barely see through the blood and tears.

“Gimme your damn license and registration,” Walker screamed almost frothing at the mouth.

“I’m gonna kill you.” Walker reached to his side grabbing a dark gun. Fate handed Walker his license, registration, and insurance hoping to live.

Walker’s hands pounded the car, shaking terror into Fate’s bones. A paper flew at Fate’s face as Walker charged back to his car wielding the stark gun.

The dark car faded away. Air rushed into Fate’s lungs. The brilliant white of the sky flashed in Fate’s face. Fate was alive.

Fate was just one of many who were choked by former Detective Walker. As now incarcerated former Chief Harper indicated, choking was Walker’s MO.