After a trial on felony sexual assault charges, the jury was not convinced by the victim’s story.

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” Attorney Jeff Conrad began his closing arguments on behalf of Clymer Musser & Conrad client, Travis Petri.

“[Jane Doe] is not a victim. She’s a vindictive, jilted lover,” Attorney Conrad said about the woman who accused his client of sexually assaulting her in January of 2013.

Friday, after deliberating for over six hours, the jurors doubted the victim’s story about her supposed non-consent. Two jurors sympathetic to the victim held out and were unable to agree with the other ten jurors that a verdict of not guilty should be entered.

Lancaster County Judge Dennis Reinaker declared a mistrial Friday morning saying, “It’s clear to me the jury is at an impasse.”

Mr. Petri has been incarcerated since April 2013 after the victim alleged indecent sexual assault. Attorney Jeff Conrad requested that Mr. Petri be given unsecured bail after the mistrial. Judge Reinaker denied the request because the jury returned a guilty verdict for the felony witness intimidation charge.

Mr. Petri visited the woman in her family home on January 29, 2013, after he had reinitiated an old relationship. The victim said when she let Mr. Petri in “he went straight to the bed and lay down.” They cuddled in bed for about thirty minutes until Mr. Petri’s hand started to wander.

They were in bed together for approximately four hours. The victim initially said no and made several excuses, said Attorney Conrad. But several hours into the cuddling, the victim wasn’t saying “no” anymore.

Attorney Conrad says his client thought, “I got the green light.” Most of the jurors agreed with Mr. Petri.

After having intercourse, Mr. Petri asked for a pillow and a blanket telling the victim that he wanted to sleep in the car so he did not keep her awake with his snoring. In reality, Mr. Petri left to return to his live-in girlfriend.

The next morning the victim texted him saying, “You could have told me; you should have messaged me.”

Mr. Petri asked, “Are you mad?”

The witness responded, “I wouldn’t say mad, but upset.”

“Travis Petri is a two-timing womanizer. He is not a criminal,” said Attorney Conrad. Petri has not seen his children for nine months because of a scorned woman’s rage Conrad continued.

“If you think Travis is a heel and not a criminal, fight for him. He’s paid a debt. It’s enough,” Attorney Conrad charged the jury.

Assistant District Attorney Rebecca Franz announced that she will not be dropping the charges and will move for a re-trial.

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