The prosecution has responded compassionately to Clymer Musser & Conrad’s client, G. Scott Davis’s, accidental Christmas Eve handgun discharge that resulted in the death of his 2-month-old daughter.

“The depth of his despair is unfathomable,” said Attorney Jeff Conrad on behalf of Davis.

According to the Intelligencer Journal, District Attorney Craig Stedman recognized that Davis was devastated by the accident, “Stedman demonstrated something rarely seen in the prosecution of homicide investigations — a sense of compassion.”

Stedman waited until Monday to announce the charges against Davis because of standard prosecutorial time frames, but also because Stedman said, “We wanted to allow [Davis] to attend the funeral without the label of a charge on him.”

It seems that some have kindly “allowed [the Davis family] to privately and peacefully grieve the loss of their daughter” as Defense Attorney Jeff Conrad requested.

The Associated Press report on the press conference announcing the charges against Davis and allowing Attorney Jeff Conrad to speak on behalf of his client has been reprinted in several news media outlets. In addition The Patriot News, WFMZ-TV, and The Examiner printed stories about the press conference and Attorney Conrad’s comments on his client’s behalf

*Photo by Markus Grossalber.